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Aaron Sims
Adi Granov
Alex Eichhorst
Alex Mandra
Alfonso de la Torre
Alp Allen Altiner
Amy Lynn Umezu
Andrew Menzies http://www.andrewmenzies.comSite/RESUME.html
Andrew Probert
Andy Chung
Andy Park
Ben Mauro
Benton Jew
Cara Brower
Charlie Wen
Chris Cunningham
Chris Foss
Christopher S. Ross
Claude Pare
Clint Wallace
Collin Grant
Constantine Sekeris
Craig Shoji
Dan Fraga
Dan Schaefer
Dan Sweetman
Dan Walker
David J. Negron http://www.goliathpictures.comindex.html
David Krentz
David Russell
David Vyle Levy http://vyle-art.comindex.html
Dawn Brown
Dean Sherriff
Dermot Power
Ed Natividad
Eddie Yang
Fabian Lacey
Federico D'Alessandro
Feng Zhu
François Audouy
Gabriel Hardman
George Hull
Hans Ruedi "H.R." Giger
Harald Belker
Henrik Tamm http://www.henriktamm.comhome.htm
Iain McCaig
Ian Joyner
Jackson Sze http://jacksonsze.comindex.html
James Carson
James Chinlund
James Iles
James Lima
Jamie Rama
Jean Henri Gaston "Moebius" Giraud
Jeff Errico
Jerad S Marantz
Jill Thompson
John "Johnny" Eaves
John Dickenson
John Greaves
Jonathan Bach
Jordu Schell
Josh Nizzi
Julian Caldow
Justin Sweet
Kasra Farahani
Kerry Gammill
Laurent Ben-Mimoun
Luigi Marchione
Mark "Jock" Simpson
Mark Goerner
Mark Lambert Bristol
Martin L. Mercer
Matt Codd
Matthew R. Cunningham
Mauro Borrelli
Mayes C. Rubio http://www.facebook.compages/Mayes-C-Rubeo/66859891928
Michael Broom
Michael Kutsche
Michael Meyers
Mike Worrall
Miles Teves
Morgan Yon
Nathan Schroeder
Nicole Lobart
Oliver Scholl
Patrick Campbell http://www.italentco.comprofiles/patrick-campbell/
Paul Christopher
Paul Ozzimo
Paul Powers
Pete Von Sholly
Peter Popken http://www.peterpopken.comfolio.htm
Peter Rubin
Phil Saunders
Phil Saunders
Raj Rihal
Ralph McQuarrie
Raymond Prado
Reid 'Rahll' Southen
Richard Bennett
Richard Lee
Rob Bliss
Rob McCallum
Robert D. Brown
Rodney Fuentebella
Rodolfo Damaggio
Ron Cobb
Ron Mendell
Ron Miller
Rusty Gilligan
Ryan Church
Ryan Meinerding
Scott Patton http://www.scottpattondesign.comstore.html
Seamus McGarvey
Sean Haworth
Seth Engstrom
Simon Murton
Simon Webber
Steffen Reichstadt
Stephan Martiniere
Stephen Ellis
Steve Jung
Steve Messing
Syd Meade
Tim Flattery
Tim M. Earles
Timothy Burgard
Tully Summers
Vance Kovacs
Warren Drummond
Warren Manser
Wayne D. Barlowe
William Budge
Yvonne Muinde

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Hall Associates, In:c.
Business: Hall, Rigging Flying Effects
Rigs and choreographs flying effects for stage and video Associates, In:c. Also rents flying harnesses.

 Flying By Foy - Flying Effects
Business: Flying, Rigging Flying Effects
Design By Foy Flying Effects construction and choreography of flying effects worldwide.

 Kirby's Flying Ballets
Business: Kirby's, Rigging Flying Effects
Flying effects for stage and screen Flying Ballets Est 1898.

 AMSPEC, In:c.
Business: AMSPEC, Rigging Flying Effects
Manufacturer of flying and stunt harnesses In:c. .

 The Rigging Partnership
Business: The Rigging, Rigging Flying Effects
Performer flying Partnership rigging and aerial suspension.

 ZFX Flying Illusions, In:c.
Business: ZFX Flying, Rigging Flying Effects
Manual and computerized motion control systems for flying effects Illusions, In:c. Complete services including equipment supply and operation, technical direction, and flight choreography.

 Branam Enterprises - Flying Effects
Business: Branam, Rigging Flying Effects
Rigging systems for the film and entertainment industry Enterprises Flying Effects Flying systems a specialty.

 Pook Diemont and Ohl, In:c.
Business: Pook, Rigging Flying Effects
· Design and contracting for theatres Diemont and Ohl, In:c. sound stages and architectural installations. Manufactures and installs theatrical rigging systems, control systems, drapery, acoustical shells and lifts. Installs nationwide. Bronx, NY.

 ASG Stage Products
Business: ASG Stage, Rigging Flying Effects
· Stage equipment design Products manufacture and installation. UK.

 United Staging and Rigging, In:c.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Full service providers of rigging and staging for arena Staging and Rigging, In:c. theater, film, television and special events. Stock includes CM chain hoists, StageRight staging, computer controlled systems, draperies, and rigging accessories.

 InterAmerica Stage, In:c. - Flying Effects
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Rigging and material handling Stage, In:c. Flying Effects show automation, specialty structures and awnings. Design/build or build to spec.

 Reed Rigging, In:c.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Rigging design Rigging, In:c. sales, rental, and service. CM certified hoist inspection and service station. Chicago, IL.

 ATM Group
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Designs and manufactures high-risk structural products through three divisions: ATM Fly-Ware for loudspeaker and videowall suspension systems ATM Group BendiForm Metalworks custom structural products manufacturer, and Marshal Risk Management risk control system educator.

 Chicago Flyhouse Inc.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Theatrical rigging specialists Flyhouse Inc. Flying effects and custom rigging solutions for the entertainment industry.

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미니모터 로봇 제어장치

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윈지 제어 컨트롤 및 기타 장치

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공연 관련 사이트

from Date/Wed 2013.02.03 10:51








오마이뮤지컬 싸이월드클럽




플레이뉴스 play news


passion of the musical GM대우 뮤지컬사이트














엔터테이너먼트 링크






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from Date/Manufact 2011.06.26 02:22

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stage technologies

from Date/Manufact 2011.06.26 02:21

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from Date/Video/Image 2011.05.13 10:58

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DMX 모터

from Date/Stage co 2011.05.13 10:53

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각파이프 규격

from Date/Stage co 2011.04.26 10:21

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*scharff weisberg*- us
-audio, video, lighting

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-HD seamless switcher for conference room
-the universal a/v computer and HD solution in image cross conversion with digital audio de/embedder
-a powerful scaler with enhanced scaling technology by let it wave

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-production intercom

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-digital wireless intercom system

-communication systems
-drive-thru optimazation
-equipment repair & maintenance

*florida radio-motorola
-two way radio, rental

*professional wireless*
-audio & rf consultants

*wire works*
-av multi-media cabling


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*cooper interconnect*


-cable duct
-hose bridge systems
-parking stops

-coast wire
-plastic cable

-conductor bar
-motor driven reels
-cable and cord reeals,,
-electric cable

*sms connectors*


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*X-TREME*- italy


-Alpha System
-AlphaE System
-GEO System
Line Array System의 대명사


*D.A.S sound products*

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*g-force hd*
-live graphic effects

*professional electronic distributing, inc.
-wavetech audio

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(sound co) dj table

from Date/Sound co 2011.03.01 21:04
*pioneer pro dj*

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-audio interface
-digital dj solution

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