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Hall Associates, In:c.
Business: Hall, Rigging Flying Effects
Rigs and choreographs flying effects for stage and video Associates, In:c. Also rents flying harnesses.

 Flying By Foy - Flying Effects
Business: Flying, Rigging Flying Effects
Design By Foy Flying Effects construction and choreography of flying effects worldwide.

 Kirby's Flying Ballets
Business: Kirby's, Rigging Flying Effects
Flying effects for stage and screen Flying Ballets Est 1898.

 AMSPEC, In:c.
Business: AMSPEC, Rigging Flying Effects
Manufacturer of flying and stunt harnesses In:c. .

 The Rigging Partnership
Business: The Rigging, Rigging Flying Effects
Performer flying Partnership rigging and aerial suspension.

 ZFX Flying Illusions, In:c.
Business: ZFX Flying, Rigging Flying Effects
Manual and computerized motion control systems for flying effects Illusions, In:c. Complete services including equipment supply and operation, technical direction, and flight choreography.

 Branam Enterprises - Flying Effects
Business: Branam, Rigging Flying Effects
Rigging systems for the film and entertainment industry Enterprises Flying Effects Flying systems a specialty.

 Pook Diemont and Ohl, In:c.
Business: Pook, Rigging Flying Effects
· Design and contracting for theatres Diemont and Ohl, In:c. sound stages and architectural installations. Manufactures and installs theatrical rigging systems, control systems, drapery, acoustical shells and lifts. Installs nationwide. Bronx, NY.

 ASG Stage Products
Business: ASG Stage, Rigging Flying Effects
· Stage equipment design Products manufacture and installation. UK.

 United Staging and Rigging, In:c.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Full service providers of rigging and staging for arena Staging and Rigging, In:c. theater, film, television and special events. Stock includes CM chain hoists, StageRight staging, computer controlled systems, draperies, and rigging accessories.

 InterAmerica Stage, In:c. - Flying Effects
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Rigging and material handling Stage, In:c. Flying Effects show automation, specialty structures and awnings. Design/build or build to spec.

 Reed Rigging, In:c.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Rigging design Rigging, In:c. sales, rental, and service. CM certified hoist inspection and service station. Chicago, IL.

 ATM Group
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Designs and manufactures high-risk structural products through three divisions: ATM Fly-Ware for loudspeaker and videowall suspension systems ATM Group BendiForm Metalworks custom structural products manufacturer, and Marshal Risk Management risk control system educator.

 Chicago Flyhouse Inc.
Tools and Equipment Rigging
- Theatrical rigging specialists Flyhouse Inc. Flying effects and custom rigging solutions for the entertainment industry.

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stage technologies

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SFX 매직헌터

The Costume gallery

The history of costume

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한국에는 불법이라 레이저 포인트 100미리 이상은 팔지 않습니다..

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하네스 및 리깅

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